Saturday, June 28, 2008

ePocrates Offers "Go Mobile" Site to help doctors with mobile decision making

The good folks at ePocrates have come up with an interesting idea. Currently 50% of doctors carry and use some type of mobile device and can't imagine living without it. The other 50%, however, may need help in entering the digital realm.

To that end, ePocrates has set up a web site ePocrates Go Mobile. The idea behind the site is to help those looking ot start down the digital path. The site includes device comparisons, peer recommendations and technology benefits. The hope is that this online resource will help make the transition easier for those doctors looking to go mobile with a digital device.

If you are interested in technology, but have yet to make the jump to some type of portable device, take a look at ePocrates Go Mobile. The site can definitely be of help.

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