Friday, June 20, 2008

Acting on Instinct... the Samsung Instinct, my first impressions

Well, the day is finally here. Sprint has brought its iPhone competitor the Instinct, by Samsung, to market. I've been jazzed about this phone since I first read about it several months ago and have eagerly awaited a chance to get my paws on one. Since I didn't want to leave the Sprint network, this phone is the only option for me. I am the iPhone dream customer, but its exclusive availability on AT&T was a deal breaker for me personally.

Since I knew that I would be getting one, I registered with Sprint and they sent me an e-mail earlier this week that gave me the privilege of getting one the day before the official launch. So last night I was in the store getting my new Instinct.

One of the nice things Sprint now does in their stores is allow you to set up an appointment. I walked in the store at 8:25 pm last night and although there were several people already there, I was told "you'll be the next one we call". Sure enough at 8:30 a rep called my name. I had to change plans to get the Instinct (I wasn't real crazy about that, but it is what it is) and I also had a couple of other questions and situations to deal with including upgrading my broadband wireless device for my computers for travel. I was in the store a total of 45 minutes completing the transaction.

The rep was efficient and friendly. He even transferred my contacts from my Treo 700P to the Instinct.

Although it's been less than 12 hours, here are my first impressions. I'll state for the record that I have limited experience with the iPhone so these are my takes based on what I feel about the Instinct as a new device and not as an iPhone competitor.

  1. Packaging: Slick and very nice. I'm always impressed when I buy an Apple product with the way the packaging is done. A good job was done to make the packaging solid and have a "quality" feel to it.
  2. Device: Solid feel. Screen is quite bright and beautiful. The touchscreen seems very responsive. Feels great in my hand. Has a removable battery (I love that). The device was fully charged right out of the box and took only moments to get on the network as my settings were ported over from my old phone.
  3. Accessories: Comes with a wired headset, a spare battery, a spare battery charger, AC adapter, USB adapter that also charges, and a carrying case. Pretty much everything you need other than a car adapter. I'm hoping that iGo has an adapter for it so that I won't need to purchase a car adapter that costs a tad over $30.
  4. Interface: I like it. It's a clean and easy to use system. Even though it comes with a fairly complete instruction manual, I really haven't had to use it. I'm finding the whole thing easy to navigate and figure out on the fly.
I'll post more as I get more experience, but for now, it's hats off to Sprint for a great customer experience (we need more of these in the wireless industry) and a beautiful device.

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