Wednesday, May 7, 2008

LaCie Rugged Hard Disk

LaCie rugged interior

LaCie has announced an interesting addition to their list of peripheral  hard drives.  Dubbed the "Rugged Hard Disk", this new line of portable hard drives are designed to take the beating that  comes with being on the road... or in your briefcase.

From their website:


To survive in the real world, your data needs the protection of the LaCie Rugged Hard Disk. The exclusive creation of world-renown designer Neil Poulton, this durable, portable storage solution offers a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface connection. Simply plug it into any PC or Mac with a USB port for backup, archiving and large data exchange anywhere. Its unique scratch-protected aluminum shell and shock-resistant rubber bumper make the LaCie Rugged Hard Disk especially resistant to harsh elements for extra protection along the road of your adventures.


A combination of both internal and external shock absorbers help keep the platters safe from damage.  As most of you who have been to my lectures that include backup protocol already know, I'm a big proponent of using portable hard drives to keep your data offsite and safe.  This seems to be a great option to do just that.

Of course, you pay for the extra rugged protection.  The device is available in 160GB for $109.99, 250GB for $149.99, 320GB for $169.99 and 500GB for $319.99.

More details are available from the website.

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