Sunday, May 4, 2008

Icy Box - Backup Solution

IB-3220StU-B Icy Box

I needed to go to Micro Center today to pick up a video switch box for an upcoming Dental Technology Solutions lecture and I can't just walk into Micro Center and not end up browsing the aisles.  I just never now when some nifty gadget will catch my eye.

Well today, the gadget that caught my eye was the Icy Box model IB-3220StU-B.  Granted it could use a more memorable model name, but the device itself is pretty slick.  I have some SATA drives that are looking for a home and the Icy Box has 2 SATA bays.  The bay doors are opened by a special key type device and you just slide the drives in and close the doors.  No wires or mounting of any kind.

It connects via USB 2.0 and comes with one touch backup software for Windows.

One of it's better features is JBOD which means that the drives in the box show up as separate drives even though the box attaches to the computer with only one cable.

I have it connected to my Mac and all I needed to do was slide in the 2 drives, connect the Icy Box, format the drives, and I have 2 drives waiting to be used.

Setup time was literally minutes.  It took me longer to plug in and connect via USB then it did to install the drives.

If one was so inclined, you could probably remove the drives on a daily basis and use this for a backup device with rotating drives on a daily basis.  If you try this, you must power the device down as the drives do not appear to be hot swappable.

For a retail price of $69.99 I happy so far with my purchase.  If problems arise, rest assured you'll read about it here.

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