Friday, May 2, 2008

Another example of the power of Twitter

Long story, but a Twitter pal of mine who is an endodontist in Canada announced yesterday (vai Twitter) that someone he knew was doing a live Twitter broadcast of his root canal from the US east coast.

I, being the geeky dentist I am, couldn't resist following the updates between patients. Not being one to sit on the sidelines, I sent several "tweets" to the patient wishing him well, asking questions, etc.

The strange twist to the story is that it was somehow picked up on by the Washington Post. What follows is a direct quote from the Washington Post story:

I asked Jeff why he did this:

"I saw the potential for forming an immediate 'smart mob,'" he writes--under the influence of a hefty dose of ibuprofen, I should add. When Jeff heard from a whole bunch of dentists who planned to follow his adventure, he knew he was onto something. "So, while I'm in the middle of the procedure another endontist from Kansas City is quering me on the procedure --asking me what type of numbing stuff I was getting (a combo, my doc said, based on the pH of the various drugs and just where in the jaw and the size it was --more info than I would have ever gotten or have thought to ask). We were having a dialogue in the middle of this!"

The endodontist referred to was yours truly. I'd like to take this opportunity to state that I am a general dentist and not an endodontist. However, I do my own endodontic treatments and in my lecturing and consulting career I have stayed in many Holiday Inn Express establishments so perhaps that makes up for it.

It's amazing how technology has changed and continues to change our world.

The full story is here.

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