Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Synching Google Calendar with Outlook

I reported a couple of weeks ago that Google had announced synchronization download that would allow you to keep your Outlook calendar and Google calendar identical.

With so many computers & devices in my life, having them all be identical makes my life much less complicated (and really isn't that what all this technology is for?). I keep my Mac calendar (iCal) updated with Google via a program called Spanning Sync and I also have my video iPod set up to sync with iCal. However, my Treo 700P syncs with Outlook 2003 and therein the problem lies.

Well I'm happy to report that the Google sync for Outlook has worked very well. There has been the occasional hiccup where it doesn't connect, but that looks like it may be on my end and not with Google. Now all of my calendars are identical no matter where I go... and that is how it's all supposed to work.

If you live in a Windows world and want you Google calendar synced, download the app from Google.

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  1. Back to the "Outlook calendar sync" lack of functionality. This is a requirement in the business marketplace. The addition of this one function could wipe out a great deal of future blackberry and iPhone sales.

    SAMSUNG and SPRINT keep fighting the good fight. WE are all behind you and are willing to help. However the window for this critical application - calendar sync - is limited. Get creative! You know like Apple; your main competitor for these types of appliances.