Saturday, April 12, 2008

Starbright LED Headlight

I was in Roanoke, Virginia yesterday with my friends and partners Paul Feuerstein and Marty Jablow doing a lecture as Dental Technology Solutions. DTS is a lecture program that features the 3 amigos with each of us using our expertise to educate doctors on the advantages and implementation of technology.

One of the pieces we covered yesterday was my lecture on digital operatory design and layout. With overhead monitors for patient education and entertainment one of the attendees wanted to know how to avoid entanglement with the track light.

The answer is auxiliary lighting. Many doctors use some type of this, but the problem in this environment is what happens when the doctor isn't there with his/her light.

High Q Dental has solved this problem with the Starbright LED. This is a great light for hygienists and assistants. Here is the info from the company's press release:

High Q Dental, the company that brought Reality’s 5-Star rated fiber optic headlight to dentistry, is pleased to offer the Starbright single watt LED headlight. Powered by three AAA batteries and featuring a 1-watt Luxeon LED (Light Emitting Diode) the Starbright is the ultimate complimentary headlight.

Delivering 500 foot candles of light, the Starbright is ideal for exams, hygiene, students and for field work such as service to nursing homes, schools or on missions to remote areas. On fresh batteries, the Starbright will deliver 1 - 20 hours of brilliant line-of-sight intensity. And, because it uses LED technology, there’s never a bulb to change!

“The Starbright has really found its niche with the Dental practitioner and particularly with Students as a low cost, effect way to introduce light into the field”, says Andy Cooper, High Q President.

The headband model integrates the small battery pack onto the headband making the Starbright completely self contained. The clip-on version provides enough wire to the battery allowing it to easily be placed in a pocket or clipped your belt or shirt.

For thirty five years, High Q Dental engineers have specialized in headlight illumination systems for the dental and medical fields including the Altair SA Fiber Optic Headlight, Reality Publishing’s choice as the top headlight in dentistry for the past five years.

High Q delivers a complete line of illumination products including the Altair SA and HI Fiber Optic Headlight Systems, the Oralume Lighted Mirror and Transillumination System and Ray, the new 3-watt, full practice, LED Headlight.

For more information, please see our web site at, call High Q at 1-800-775-3433, fax 480-905-0794 or E-mail at

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