Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shofu ClearCheck SLP

The folks at Shofu have developed a pretty neat product. It's a sealant and composite liquid polish called "ClearCheck SLP".

It works as a traditional sealant, but it has one very special trick. It allows Diagnodent readings to be determined beneath it. Let me explain. The drawbacks to sealants and the Kavo Diagnodent has always been that sealants will fluoresce under the laser light of the Diagnodent and this can mean false positives in areas that have sealants.

However, ClearCheck SLP does not fluoresce and since it is clear you can use the Diagnodent to check through the sealant and make sure that a carious lesion is not developing there due to a fracture or leakage.

My personal hands-on with the ClearCheck has been a good experience. I even went so far as to place it on extracted teeth that were checked with the Diagnodent and then rechecked after sealant placement. Works as advertised in my hands.

Shofu if offering a free trial of the product. Here is a link to the offer.

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