Wednesday, April 23, 2008

PLUSTEK Launches book scanner that makes photocopiers obsolete

Have books that need to be digitized? This looks to be a nice solution.

LOS ANGELES (May 6, 2008) – Plustek Technology Inc. (, a manufacturer of consumer, prosumer and professional imaging devices, is extending their line of professional scanners with the launch of the new OpticBook 4600.

Everyone has borrowed a book from the library at one point or another. Most people have made a photocopy of that book for later use. The copy eventually gets torn, tattered, or even lost and is no longer usable. Over the years, life has changed and so has the way we store and carry data – in electronic files. The OpticBook 4600 makes it simple to scan, save and store any papers, books, magazines, comics and the like.

Plustek’s patent-pending SEE™ Technology (Shadow Elimination Element) combines a patented lamp light with a special edge design that allows the scanning module to scan right up to where the book spine is placed. This clever design avoids the need for a large, expensive overhead scanner or complicated image-editing software. With Plustek’s SEE™ Technology and the OpticBook’s clearly-scanned pages, those who use OCR (optical character recognition) software to scan text for editing will see perfect results, even near the binding. There is no paper required; users can scan their files onto hard drive, or any portable storage media, saving time and reducing paper waste. The scanner also optimizes space because of the smaller footprint as compared to a photocopier. To improve distribution of scanned documents, OpticBook includes a feature that saves images in the popular and cross-platform Searchable PDF format, as well. Users never have to carry a stack of papers around again. Referring back to files, even after years, has never been so easy.

In addition to its power as book scanner, the OpticBook 4600 also functions as a superior scanner with a scanning speed of 3.2 seconds at a resolution of 300dpi/ color and features one-button functionality that can assign up to five scanning functions.


Plustek products can be purchased directly from the Plustek e-store and is in full distribution with Ingram Micro & D&H. The new scanner is also available from TigerDirect, New Egg, PC mall, other major e-tailers. Stores and other vendors interested in carrying Plustek’s award-winning line-up of products may contact Plustek directly at

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