Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Oralume System from High Q Dental

While in Phoenix over the weekend, I got a chance to catch up with the bright minds at High Q Dental. They have several slick products that I'll be blogging on in the next few days. The first of which is the Oralume System.

Oralume is a mirror or transilluminator handle that is lit using a bright LED. From the company press release:

High Q introduces the dentists’ new favorite diagnostic tool: the Oralume Lighted Mirror and Transillumination System. The Oralume is a cordless system that accepts any threaded, cone-socket mirror (one is included) and features a white LED to illuminate the reflected field. The sealed battery in the handle makes the entire unit completely portable.

By simply placing the included Transillumination Tip over the LED on the handle, the Oralume becomes and effective tool for detecting cracks and caries.

“The Oralume was effective during patient examinations and is great for spot hygiene exams. The Transillumination Tip was much brighter than what we had been using”, says Dr. Paul Feuerstein.

The Oralume is available in a kit that includes three of the disposable Oralume handles, one mirror head and one transillumination tip. The Oralume handle can be wiped down for sterilization or bagged; the mirror and TI Tip can be autoclaved.

Each Oralume handle provides 20 consecutive hours or illumination before being replaced. When used as an examination light, this may translate into several months of use before replacement is necessary.

High Q delivers a complete line of illumination products including the Altair SA and HI Fiber Optic Headlight Systems, the Starbright LED Headlight, and Ray, the new 3-watt, full practice, LED Headlight.

For more information, please see our web site at www.highqdental.com, call High Q at 1-800-775-3433, fax 480-905-0794 or E-mail at HQM1@cox.net.

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