Friday, April 4, 2008

Jaw-X Osteoporosis scanning from dental images

Here is some interesting info from a company called Jaw-X. Their idea? Help determine osteoporosis by taking the info available from dental images.

From the company website:

Based on the conclusions of the Osteodent project a software program has been developed which uses either intraoral images of a defined region in the lower jaw (mandible) to measure trabecular density in the bone, or uses extraoral panorama images to measure the mandiblular corticalis width. The resulting measurement values from these images are analyzed using the standard threshold value for Osteoporosis defined by WHO.

The program has been evaluated using patients who participated in the EU Osteodent project (approx 150 of 600 in Malmö, Sweden, and an equal number of patients in Manchester, England). The image measurements together with the use of a simple questionnaire (patient history information regarding risk factors) provides an osteoporosis risk analysis with very high specificity

The method involves the analysis of bone quality using a specific X-ray image. The measurement results are analyzed together with a few anamnestic variables and a report is generated indicating one of three risk categories:
No risk indicated
Keep under observation
Further examination is recommended by medical specialist
The method is being further tested clinically in a current scientific project with a number of participating dentists.

The Product

The method and the computer program has now been standardized and “packaged” as an integrated product called “Jaw-x”. The Jaw-x package is sold with a license for use of the analysis program and the case history questionnaire, and includes one mandatory training day.

Jaw-x is being patented

On a digital X-ray image on computer a specific region (ROI) is defined where the trabecular structure is evident.

The image coordinates are logged/saved providing a basis for taking congruent pictures at a later time for measurement and comparison.

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