Saturday, March 8, 2008

Zonet SATA Enclosure is Online

I'm happy to report a great experience with the Zonet USB 2.0 Leather 2.5" SATA Enclosure.

This evening I went to the local Micro Center (my home away from home) and purchased a 320GB Western Digital HDD for $199.

Installing the drive was easy.  The Zonet enclosure has a metal plate with the USB connection in it.  I removed this plate (it wasn't attached with screws yet).  The plate has the SATA connector built into it.  I inserted the connector into the drive and then slid the drive into the bay.  I then attached the face plate to the enclosure with the included screws (it even comes with a screwdriver.)

Once assembled, I plugged it into my MacBook Pro with the included USB cable.  The Mac immediately recognized a new unformatted HDD and offered to format it for me.

Within minutes the drive was formatted and is working fine (currently backing up my music).

The drive is small, light, and thanks to the leather should be able to be carried around without looking worse for wear.  This is a great little device.  Of course if the hard drive ever dies, I can just remove it and put in a new one.

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