Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Synching your Google Calendar with Outlook

18 months ago, when I switched my primary laptop from Windows to my MacBook Pro, one of the things I began to really love was Google Calendar. I'd had the Google Calendar account for some time, but really hadn't used it much since I like to have all of my info with me wherever I go.
However, I soon found a program (Spanning Sync) that would synchronize my iCal with Google Calendar. Not long after that, Google began to be a big part of my organized life.
Of course, I don't just exist in a Mac world. In fact, most of the computers in my life run Windows and my calendar is also on Microsoft Outlook. What this meant was a conscious effort to make every appointment in 2 places. It's a bit of a pain and requires a constant effort to not forget to put something on one calendar or the other.
Imagine my delight to find that Google now offers their own synchronization software for MS Outlook. You can find the download here.
I'll be installing it today and hopefully now I can enter one appointment and have it follow me everywhere.

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