Monday, March 17, 2008

StealthSurfer - When you are on the go with no computer

If you are someone (like me) that needs access to your files on the go, but don't want the hassle of carrying your laptop with you at all times, take a look at the StealthSurfer from Hushmail.

This nifty little device performs a very neat trick. When you plug this USB jump drive into a Windows PC, it tricks the computer into thinking the StealthSurfer is the hard drive. This means you can open files, surf the web, check e-mail, basically do anything you would do on your regular PC. That's because the StealthSurfer makes the host PC think it is your PC.

The device is protected with a password that makes it impossible to use without the password (ask me how I know).

The best part is when you unplug the StealthSurfer all traces of your activity disappear with it. Since the device functions *as* a PC, all of your browsing history, passwords, etc leave with it and leave no trace behind.

This is a big thing for me. As I travel, I'm frequently using computers in hotel business centers to access online check-in for airlines. Now I can do all of that and not worry that my passwords or browsing history are left behind.

The device comes with the following programs preloaded:

MojoPac Deluxe - Portable computing environment - take your programs and files with you to another computer.
Tor - Complete Network Security - Hide your IP address from hackers with IP masking for an anonymous proxy server.
Hushmail Premium - Web Based Email Solution - High Internet security encryption to keep your emails private and secure. No cost for up to 4 years of Hushmail Premium.
RoboForm PRO - User ID/Password Management Application - One-click form fill never lose your private internet passwords again.
Firefox - High-speed Secure Web Browser - The popular free web browser with enhanced security features that makes private surfing easy.
Thunderbird - Portable E-mail Access - Secure email access from any computer with this USB software package.

I've been using StealthSurfer for a few weeks now and have been very happy with it. This product is *highly* recommended.

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