Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sirona Dental Systems’ infiniDent Service Introduces Anatomic Wax-Patterns

Long Island City, NY (March 3, 2008) –Sirona Dental Systems, Inc., the company that pioneered digital dentistry more than 20 years ago and the world’s leading producer of dental CAD/CAM systems, is pleased to partner with 3D Systems, a leading provider of 3D modeling, rapid prototyping, and manufacturing solutions, to offer wax patterns to infiniDent users.

Offered exclusively through Sirona’s infiniDent service, inCoris WAX patterns will be available by March 2008. These precision wax-patterns, fabricated by 3D Systems’ InVision® DP (Dental Professional) 3D Modeler, are the perfect complement to the infiniDent material line.

The new inCoris WAX patterns are indicated for use in fabricating full cast crowns, copings and bridge frameworks, as well as full contour units for press ceramics or over metal and pure zirconium oxide (ZrO2) substructures.

Dental technicians who take advantage of inCoris WAX patterns through Sirona’s infiniDent service will save a substantial amount of time and money. Substructure and full contour wax patterns are obtained at one low price through a faster and more consistent method than the conventional labor-intensive and time-consuming technique.

New or experienced technicians can effortlessly create restorations by taking advantage of the user-friendly service. Using the inEos scanner, the technician scans the model, designs a virtual wax-pattern using the Sirona 3D design software, and then simply uploads the information to infiniDent for fabrication.

As with all infiniDent services, the turn-around time is quick and efficient for
inCoris WAX patterns. Laboratories can expect a return in a mere three days.

inCoris WAX patterns have a smooth surface finish and can be cast or pressed using conventional techniques. The specially-formulated resin material is virtually ash-free and can be used with traditional laboratory waxes.

“The introduction of inCoris WAX vastly increases infiniDent’s service offering for existing inLab and inEos users and provides them with more access to more materials,” remarked Marcus Meier, MDT, Manager of infiniDent. “We are convinced that dental laboratories utilizing these wax-patterns will substantially increase their efficiencies when fabricating wax-patterns through infiniDent.”

“This is another step in broadening the reach of our state-of-the-art dental solutions,” said Abe Reichental, 3D Systems’ President and Chief Executive Officer. “We are pleased to partner with Sirona to further the impact of precision wax-patterns built on our consistent and reliable InVision® DP 3D Modeler.”

For more information about new inCoris WAX, please call 866 INLAB4U (465-2248).

About infiniDent

infiniDent is an Internet-based service concept that caters exclusively to Sirona inLab® and inEos® users. infiniDent enables inLab and inEos owners to derive additional value from their existing technology investments by providing access to a rapidly expanding menu of materials and indications.

The infiniDent fabrication service offers an extensive list of material options from material partners including VITA®, Ivoclar Vivadent®, 3D Systems® and Sirona. In addition, infiniDent supports pure zirconium oxide (ZrO2), aluminum oxide (AlO2), non-precious metal (CoCr) frameworks and wax-patterns to support customers in their fabrication of high-strength restorations, including large-span bridges, and predictable shade matching.

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