Saturday, March 22, 2008

iTunes updater wants to install Safari as well

OK, I'll admit it. One of my pet peeves is the constant influx of self updating software that also wants to install other junk too. Did it ever occur to anyone that if I want to install other useless programs that I am perfectly capable of doing it myself?

I'm an Apple fan, but in the last week I've been getting iTunes updates on all of my Windows machines that want to install Apple's Safari browser. Really, what does a web browser have to do with iTunes? The answer, in short, is *nothing*. This is just an attempt to get you to download more software that you don't need.

I love Firefox and use it on my Windows machines as well as my MacBook Pro. Do I really need 3 browsers so that I can have 2 of them taking up hard drive space and doing nothing? Heck, I don't even use Safari on the Mac platform.

Nice try Apple, but save the sneaky tactics. I expect more of you. Of course, maybe now I don't.

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