Friday, March 7, 2008

ePocrates on the iPhone

I wanted to put this post up directly as I received it from the folks at ePocrates.  This is really great news for iPhone users.


Hello Dr. Flucke!

We wanted to let you and your blog readers know it was recently announced that Epocrates, Inc. was one of only five companies, including, AOL, EA and Sega, to be highlighted by Steve Jobs during the iPhone Software Roadmap media briefing. Epocrates has already begun working directly with Apple to create a downloadable version of its clinical products that can be downloaded directly to the iPhone or iPod Touch. This will enable healthcare professionals to always have immediate access to vital clinical information wherever and whenever they need it, regardless of Internet connectivity.

This announcement demonstrates the influence healthcare professionals have on today’s technology marketplace. High customer demands, as well as the benefit of the product in helping to improve quality of care, were behind Apple’s decision to support Epocrates’ development effort.

In the meantime, you can currently access Epocrates free online drug reference at with an Internet or WiFi connection.

**If you have already installed Apple’s iPhone or iTouch January update, you can now add an Epocrates Online shortcut to your home screen. To do this visit, click on the + sign at the bottom of the page. In the menu that appears, touch “Add to home screen”. Enter a name for the icon, then touch “Add” in the upper right corner.

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