Friday, March 28, 2008

DDS Ventures, Inc. Launches New Technology

Web-based Technology makes it Easy to Electronically Track,
Monitor and Manage Patient Referrals and Laboratory Casework

DDS Ventures, Inc., a San Diego-based dental services company, today announced the release of its innovative patient referral and laboratory case management system, ddsWebLink for dental care providers. This Web-based system enables dentists, dental specialists and dental laboratory professionals to more efficiently track, monitor and manage all inbound and outbound patient referrals and laboratory cases, along with their associated images, documents and case files, automating what has traditionally been a paper-based process.

“The input of clinicians, laboratory technicians and dental staff members was integral in the development of this system that strives to replace multiple manual processes with a single, standardized solution,” said Kelly Frederickson, President of ddsWebLink. “Our Web-based tool has the ability to process referral inquiries and laboratory work requests from inception through completion and manage online all of the collaborative requirements of any given case. ddsWebLink provides an integrated, secure solution for dental referral partners that is faster,
easier and more convenient than ever before.”

As a Web-based solution hosted in a secure, HIPAA compliant environment ddsWebLink customers are able to benefit immediately in that they can be live on the system in just a few short minutes. With collaborative information stored centrally, dentists and their referral partners can securely access this information from any computer with Internet access making it easier to communicate with one another at more convenient times, in a more convenient way.

“We believe that ddsWebLink presents a tremendous advantage over traditional methods of case collaboration by introducing a standardized means of information sharing into referral networks. This serves to streamline the collective work efforts of dental referral partners helping them to better manage the requirements of multidisciplinary patient cases,” says Ms. Frederickson. “It’s exciting to be able to offer our customers a comprehensive solution that meets the critical needs of their everyday workflow demands thereby enabling them to increase operating efficiency, lower overhead and ultimately produce better, more predictable results
for patients.”

ddsWebLink is currently available for use by dental professionals in all 50 states and will soon be accessible to our neighbors in Canada and Mexico. For more information email or go to

DDS Ventures, Inc. is a privately-held company headquartered in San Diego, California. The company is committed to helping dental professionals leverage the value of today’s innovative technologies via its progressive online service offerings and world-class educational programs.

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