Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Could StreamSmart change the way we listen?

I've heard rumors of a technology called "StreamSmart".  In a nutshell the technology would allow you to listen to satellite radio and Internet radio on any device you own that has Internet access.  This is an interesting concept (not yet proven though) that could well change the way our entertainment data follows us.

Below is a posting from one of the principles involved in StreamSmart describing what they envision for the technology:


StreamSmart will be the multi-platform replacement for SiriusWM5 as well as the iSat and SiriusGTX projects.
The brains of the solution will reside on a server allowing a more feature rich solution while retaining a small client footprint.
The development road map looks like this:
Alpha Release 1 - Sirius Satellite Radio for Windows Mobile
Alpha Release 2 - Addition of XM Radio for Windows Mobile
Beta Release 1 - Addition of Various Internet Radio Stations based on locality for Windows Mobile. Also, the ability for the user to add their own streams as channels for selection.
Beta Release 2 - Addition of a Web Based Client. This client will be usable by any client with a web browser and a player capable of decoding Windows Media streams. This means Windows Mobile, MAC OSX (with WM plugin for Safari) and any cellular phone that can run a CorePlayer or TCPMP version that supports Windows Media streams.
Final Release - Same as Beta 2 but with less bugs. Zero bugs is what we want, but lets be realistic and say less bugs and any existing bugs should be minor.
At this point there will be maintenance releases as needed, but most changes should be server side.
Next Major Release - This is where we add the transcoding... this will allow platforms not capable of decoding Windows Media streams to stream Sirius/XM. Some internet radio streams will stream QT or other formats, so BB and iPhone users *may* be able to stream some of the other stream sources from internet radio stations (or other user added sources) prior to this release.
This application will be free... with one caveat.
If you are on a platform that requires the stream be transcoded, we will have to charge in some fashion or generate Ad revenue. This is because we will have to grab the stream, convert it, and stream it from our server. Thats going to use a LOT of bandwidth. Currently I foot the bill for GeeksToolBox (with the the help of those who have donated.) The cost of streamsmart.net will be too much to shoulder on my own.
My goal for the transcoded solution is to create a component that can be installed anywhere to do the conversion. So... you will have the option to install it on your home PC and leave it running and do the transcoding yourself. It will also allow us to solicit possible sponsors to do the transcoding in exchange for Ad placement in the client view.
So... you may have to pay in some form if you need a transcoded stream. Maybe a monthly fee, maybe a by usage fee, and you may possibly see ads.

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