Saturday, March 8, 2008

AFP Imaging Begins Deliveries Of Its New Model Three Dimensional X-Ray Scanner For Dentists

The NewTom CBCT unit has been around for a while now. The one drawback was that it was a large footprint device that required the patient to actually lay down; very similar to a medical MRI. With the increasing popularity of "chair-type" units it seems that AFP has decided to compete in that market as well. The press release is below. If you are in the market for a CBCT unit, this should be on your radar.

Elmsford, NY - AFP Imaging Corporation (AFPC.OB) recently announced that it has begun the delivery and installation of the new model “VG” (vertical generation) Cone Beam CT x-ray scanners (“CBCT”) to dentists in the United States, Canada and Europe. The Company recently received regulatory clearance from the FDA, Health Canada and the CE agencies for this new model. It joins the Company’s well respected “New Tom” 3-D imaging product line. The Model “VG” allows the patient to stand, sit or stay in a wheel chair while they are scanned in an upright, vertical position. It utilizes a conical beam of x-rays that passes around the head, allowing the capture of a three dimensional, digital radiographic image of the patient’s teeth and jaw structures. The Company’s technology features proprietary software to capture and quickly display these detailed images. 3-D applications are vital for orthodontics, implants and oral surgery, among others, where complex cases require sophisticated imaging to plan the treatment procedure. Cone Beam imaging is quickly becoming the high tech, gold standard of care for the dental professional. Patients also benefit from reduced radiation dosage and quicker treatment scheduling.

SOURCE: AFP Imaging Corporation

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