Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Zenith Dental to Introduce LuxaCore Z-Dual at Chicago MidWinter 2008

Englewood, NJ (February 4, 2008) – Zenith Dental, the visionary company with a 25-year tradition of introducing innovative and reliable restorative dental products and exclusive distributor of DMG manufactured products, will officially introduce LuxaCore® Z-Dual, a highly advanced endodontic core material and post cement, during this year’s 143rd Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting at booth #1247.

Distributed exclusively by Zenith Dental, the inclusion of zirconium dioxide and exclusive DMG-patented nano-technology sets LuxaCore Z-Dual apart from any other core material or post cement on the market.

LuxaCore Z-Dual’s superior nano-technology provides for a thorough and even distribution of nano-particles throughout the resin matrix, resulting in the virtual elimination of particle agglomeration (clumping), and making LuxaCore Z-Dual the smoothest, creamiest material on the market. A 20-micron film thickness, and near perfect flow, makes LuxaCore Z-Dual the ideal post cement, and perfect for placing endodontic posts.

Furthermore, at 380 MPa, the addition of zirconium dioxide provides superior compressive strength for improved stability over similar products on the market.

"LuxaCore Z-Dual is the ideal core build up material,” remarked Gary Radz, DDS Cosmetic Dentistry of Colorado. “Its improved compressive strength provides the confidence I want in a material; quality that I depend on to support my restorations. Chairside, I love the fact that the material cuts and feels just like crown preparations turn out absolutely beautiful with this material."

Clinical tests confirm that LuxaCore Z is virtually identical to dentin in cuttability. Substance loss testing using 100µm diamond/30 seconds has proven the cutting rate of LuxaCore Z to be entirely within the standard deviation of natural dentin’s cutting rate.

“Improving on LuxaCore Dual, the market-leading core material, was a significant challenge,” remarked George Wolfe, Zenith Dental President. “Advancing its compressive strength, dentin-like cuttability, and shading were no small undertaking, but DMG truly achieved this and, amazingly, surpassed it with LuxaCore Z-Dual.”

The combination of superior physical properties, improved bubble-free formula, void-free flow characteristics, and a dentin-like shade make LuxaCore Z-Dual ideal for all cementing needs.

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