Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Yahoo Sells its Music Service to Rhapsody

Yahoo has been making headlines recently. First there was the layoffs (1,00 or so) announced last week, then late last week there was the takeover offer from Microsoft, and now Yahoo announces they are selling their music service and subscribers to Rhapsody.

In an attempt to be all things, Yahoo acquired Music Match Jukebox a few years ago. MMJB just happened to be my favorite media player for Windows and I was a bit disheartened to see it swallowed up. Late fall of 2007 I was forced to upgrade to the Yahoo version of MMJB which really wasn't as slick and required all kinds of "Yahoo" kinds of things be installed with it.

Now after doing all that, they are transitioning their customers to Rhapsody. I'm good at archiving old programs. Maybe my old MMJB copy can be reinstalled.

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