Thursday, February 28, 2008

GC America Announces GC Dry Mouth Gel to help patients with xerostomia

GC America has a new product on the market. Called GC Dry Mouth Gel, it is aimed at reducing the discomfort and disease that is brought about by patients experiencing dry mouth. Xerostomia is on the rise in dentistry as the population ages and as more and more medications are brought to market that have dry mouth as a side effect.

In addition to the discomfort that comes with a lack of natural saliva, a dry mouth also lacks the buffering affect of saliva that can reduce the ph of plaque acids. Combine this with the fact that plaque adheres more readily to a dry tooth than one moistened with saliva and there is a recipe for rapidly progressing and hard to treat dental decay problems.

GC America, who has brought prevention to the forefront with their MI paste products, is now waging a second war on dental decay by helping those suffering with xerostomia.

Dry Mouth Gel is applied by placing a generous amount onto a clean finger. The gel is then smeared on all tooth surfaces as well as gingival (gum) tissue. It can be applied anytime during the day as required. When applied at night before bed it should be after normal tooth brushing.

It provides up to 4 hours of relief and is available in several flavors. It is safe to swallow and can even be used by denture wearers.

The product is available now and can be ordered through your favorite dealer.

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