Friday, February 8, 2008

Cosmedent Announces New Renamel NANO

Renamel NANO from Cosmedent is a breakthrough light-cured nanofill composite that outperforms all other nano materials. This strong material applies quickly and forms to tooth structure with absolutely no slump. Renamel NANO’s excellent handling properties make it easy to sculpt, no matter what the procedure. Its tremendous translucency allows for an unbelievable blend to tooth structure, while retaining the opacity of natural dentition. The material marginates beautifully and polishes to a high luster. Renamel NANO is a true universal that will provide superb results in Class I through Class V restorations: diastema closure, full color change veneers, building up incisal edges, developing canine rise, and all types of esthetic restorations both anterior and posterior. Renamel NANO is also conveniently color-coded to the entire Renamel Restorative System for multi-layer build-up techniques.

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