Sunday, February 3, 2008

Can Windows Media Player Slow your Computer Down?

Word has it that the latest version of Windows Media Player (WMP 11.o) has a little problem with file sharing. It seems that if you turn on file sharing and use your machine as a media server, eventually WMP 11.0 will begin to consume more and more of your processor cycles.

What this means is that as your CPU has to handle more and more from WMP 11.0 it has less resources to do the other things you want it to do. If you suddenly notice it's taking longer and longer for programs to open, websites to pop up, etc, this may be the culprit.

So far, the only remedy appears to be turning file sharing off. FYI.


  1. true to the word. it works!! i disabled sharing and presto!! system was stable again. but i have got into the habit of using itunes by now, so...


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