Tuesday, February 12, 2008

AT&T Wi-Fi Soon Available in Starbucks

For those of you who are AT&T customers that also have work to do while hanging out at Starbucks, here's some good news.

From MSN Money:

AT&T gets another win today. Starbucks is ditching T-Mobile and going with AT&T for its customer Wi-Fi service at 7,000 locations.

People who have a Starbucks prepaid gift card can get two hours of free Wi-Fi per day at Starbucks. Glenn Fleishman confirms that no purchase is needed: You can buy and activate a card for $5, and then get free Wi-Fi from that day forward. Most of AT&T's broadband and U-verse customers will also have free access, but AT&T wireless customers (including iPhone users) won't get the same deal.

Surprisingly, the per-hour Wi-Fi fees will drop under AT&T to $4 for two hours or $20 per month for unlimited access. (T-Mobile used to charge $6 an hour).

The switchover will start this spring and gradually roll out on a city-by-city basis. And fear not, T-Mobile customers: you'll still be able to access Starbucks' Wi-Fi, because Starbucks likes your business too.

So Starbucks keeps customers happy and gets another way to push its prepaid cards. AT&T vastly expands its hotspot network. People will pay less for Wi-Fi access, and T-Mobile customers aren't left out in the cold.

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