Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Spot-On Screwdriver... I wonder if they make implant drivers?

I came across this rather interesting tool which would be really handy in a lot of repairs or assemblies. The Spot-On screwdriver has an LED built into it that's lights up wherever it is pointing. That got me to thinking, wouldn't this be a great thing for implant companies to build into their torque wrenches?

From the Hard To Find Tools website:

SPOT-ON™ #1 - 1/4” Flat Tip Screwdriver with LED light is the solution for the professional or hobbyist needing more then the available light to get the job done. Especially when you dont have an extra hand! Push the button and the light shines brightly on this exclusive work tool! A long lasting LED spotlight is built into the bit tip permitting you to locate the screw head in dark places. This premium, patent-pending screwdriver also features a contoured sure grip handle for comfort and maximum torque. Hardened and tempered vanadium blade is 4” inches in length. A must tool for automotive, electronic, appliance repair or work with small engines.

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