Sunday, January 6, 2008

PUROSOL to Debut Plasma Clam Shell at CES

Based on demand, Origin Labs introduces new packaging for
PUROSOL Plasma and its microfiber cloth

LAS VEGAS, NEV. [South Hall, Booth # 31931] (January 7, 2008) – Origin Laboratories LLC (Origin Labs) today introduced PUROSOL Plasma’s new clam shell packaging ( at the 2008 International CES tradeshow (, held January 7-10 in Las Vegas. The clam shell package includes a four ounce PUROSOL Plasma bottle, part of Origin Labs’ line of advanced, plant extract-based cleaning products specifically formulated for today’s advanced digital screens and a large microfiber cloth (12”x16”).

PUROSOL will be showcasing its products at the International Supplies ( booth # 31931 in the Imaging Innovations section on the second floor of the South Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The PUROSOL microfiber cloth represents months of research and field testing and utilizes a new ultra-fine microfiber thread representing the next generation of refined microfiber fabric technology. The cloth composition and weave is designed to deliver the proper absorbency and softness to ensure proper delivery of the PUROSOL solution without harming the surface being cleaned. The cloth has a delicate feel yet is tough to withstand repeated washings without the need for replacement.
The environmentally-safe cleaner is engineered to work on the molecular level, actually breaking the bonds that salt, dust, dirt and grime use to grip the screen surface. The clam shell retails for $24.95.

“Based on consumer demand, we have packaged our PUROSOL Plasma and microfiber cloth together,” explains Steven D'Antoni, vice president of Origin Labs. “CES is the perfect place to debut this new product.”
The all-natural PUROSOL Plasma is specifically designed to safely clean the millions of LCD, plasma, CRT and LED screens used in televisions, laptops, computers, iPods, PSP’s and other consumer devices on the market. Utilizing the cutting-edge PUROSOL formula, Plasma uses its unique molecular properties to not only clean the screen, but neutralize static charge created by the screen, allowing the screen to stay cleaner longer

Unlike ordinary off-the-shelf cleaners, which are made up primarily of alcohol, ammonia, harsh solvents, silicone and colored dye, the PUROSOL line of products is completely organic and environmentally safe. This advanced cleaner is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, contains no CFCs, no detergents and no solvents of any kind (including alcohol, ammonia and chlorine).

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