Saturday, December 1, 2007

Why I love Progeny

As I've gone through the process of designing and building a new office from the ground up I've learned a few things. One of those things was to expect the unexpected problem. Most problems can be anticipated and avoided with proper planning (and I AM a planner), but you can't think of everything.

So it was on Friday as I watched the technicians from Goetze dental assemble my European Design cabinetry in the clinical suite. "Hey Dr. Flucke," one of techs called, "we've got a problem." Now this was the first problem we've encountered in the dental install so I wasn't sure what it would be.

I made the decision not to move much of my existing equipment and to go almost totally with new. However, I had 2 fairly new intraoral x-ray units and those I had decided to install in the new location. Well it turns out that one of those units will not fit in the new cabinetry.

Since I would need more than these 2 older machines, I had purchased a Progeny Preva to use as the x-ray unit in my principle treatment area. The Progeny unit had already been installed and, of course, it fit in the cabinet with no trouble whatsoever.

My long term plan had been to get rid of the unit that wouldn't fit and replace it with a Progeny some time in 08, but now what was I going to do?

This is where the story of Progeny and their customer service comes into play. A call was placed to my local Progeny rep explaining the dilemma that Goetze was dealing with. She gracefully and generously got me a loaner unit to get me by.

The Progeny equipment is state of the art and I highly recommend it based on the quality of the equipment alone. However, when you combine that kind of quality with this kind of customer service, how you buy from anyone else?

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