Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Multiple Jumpdrive Backups using Kanguru

The photo above shows the Kanguru USB duplicator that handles 10 jump drives, but there is also a model that can handle 24. The company's idea for this is for IT departments to be able to make multiple copies of jumpdrives with needed programs for members of departments. It's the same idea as the multiple CD burning drives.

My thought on this is that if you'd really like to have redundant off site backups or if you have multiple staff members who need to have the backup at their disposal due to rotating schedules etc this would make the process of creating multiple identical backups a pretty easy thing to do.

Also if you are a vendor and want to seed the market with some jump drives containing your software, this is much easier than creating them one at a time.

A pretty good idea being as I think that jump drives will be around for a long long time.

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