Monday, December 31, 2007

A Merry Christmas with MyVu

Santa was good to me this year. He delivered to me my very own MyVu Universal Edition. I got a chance to play around with one of these in a preproduction model this fall. My buddy Justin Nolan of got them to try and loaned them to me for a trip to the west coast. I own a 5th generation iPod video and having the option of watching them on the MyVu is easier on the eyes and just plain more fun.

The MyVu is a personal viewing system that can connect to just about any video device out there. The images are bright, clean, and crisp. The unit I tried in the fall didn't have the best audio output, but I'm spoiled by my Bose noise canceling headphones and they cost about as much as the MyVu so I can't complain too much. I'll be giving it a try soon as I fly to the Dental Team Concepts meeting in Cancun.

When purchasing these, make sure you know what you will want to connect to. My Universal Edition connects to lots of devices, but not some of the newer iPods. In that regard, I'm not really sure what "Universal" means. The good news is that if you need a cord to connect, you can buy it, but I would think the "Universal" edition would come with all of those cords.

There are other versions that will connect to the newer iPods so perhaps that's what they are anticipating.

This new unit also comes with its own rechargeable battery which is a feature I like. The other one I tried was powered from the iPod. Building a battery into the MyVu should allow me to get longer video playback from the iPod battery. The MyVu comes with a USB charging cable that you can connect to a computer, but it does not come with an AC adapter. The AC adapter would be a nice edition. I've got a few of those adapters around, so I can quickly charge mine off of AC power instead of the slower USB, but many purchasers may not be so lucky (or geeky).

Overall I'm really happy with the quality of the MyVu and I'm looking forward to using it. Travel is just so much easier when you can watch James Bond.

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