Saturday, December 8, 2007

Experimenting with YouMail

I've begun experimenting with a web service called YouMail.

The idea is pretty simple. YouMail gets your voice mail and then contacts you via SMS and/or e-mail. You can listen to the message from your phone, from the web, or you can set the service up to send you an audio file of the message when you receive the "you have voice mail" e-mail.

The service allows you to actually SEE who has called and allows you to arrange and store your voicemails... forever if you'd like.

You can also record *personal* greetings that are triggered by caller ID from numbers in your contact list. My wife gets one message, friends get their own, unknown numbers get my standard greeting.

So far the service appears very slick. Oh... and did I mention that it's FREE? That's right no charge for all of this. That makes it really, really cool!

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