Thursday, November 8, 2007

Welcome to my new blogging home!

Welcome everyone to my new blog location.

I've made the move for a couple of reasons.

  1. Blogger allows me more freedom to post on the fly and keep things up to date from a mobile Internet point of view. This will be especially good when I'm at meetings on the show floor scouting for new products.
  2. Yahoo has been less than a stellar blog hosting site and I've simply had enough.
So thanks for making the move with me. I think you'll find that this is a good thing for all of us.


  1. John,

    What exactly does Yahoo not have going for it that makes it less than stellar?

    What is better about blogger?

    As you may know, I also have my blog on yahoo and so far, I've been pretty satisfied with what I'm getting. Of course, I'm really intimately tied to the entire yahoo network since they host my website, business e-mail, etc.

  2. Hi Zach,

    Well for one, Yahoo is planning on shutting down the whole Yahoo 360 project and move it over to a new product called "Mash". You'll be able to migrate your 360 stuff over (hopefully), but as with anything, there is no guarantee.

    Blogger lets me mobile blog from my Treo which Yahoo wouldn't. That way I can take photos with the phone and blog with them. This is really important when I'm at a show and looking at new products that I'd like my readers to be aware of.

    Also, I like the overall "feel" and use of Blogger better. It's tied into Google so I like that a lot.

    In closing, there's nothing wrong with Yahoo. One of the reasons I was using it was because of the tight integration it had between my Yahoo photos, etc. I just happen to like the Blogger product better.



  3. John,

    What is this "mash" you speak of, I haven't read about them ditching yahoo 360, but i'm not entirely surprised given it is a significantly worse entry into the social networking marketplace than myspace, facebook, etc.