Monday, November 19, 2007

Security for your Off-site Backups

The security of your patient data is important, especially when you are taking it off-site. You want to make sure your data is safe from disaster as well as from being stolen.

The device shown above is the "Cutie Bio" removable drive. This USB 2.0 drive has a fingerprint scanner built in which means only you and your fingerprint can access the data. Without the fingerprint scan, the encrypted data is unreadable.

The drive lists for $58.55 which seems incredibly reasonable, but the capacity of the drive is not yet known.

It comes with everything you need including a zippered carrying case. A couple of drawbacks are that it is Windows only at this time and the drive isn't powered through the USB bus. It actually has a power connector that connects to a separate USB so it requires 2 separate USB ports to run.

More info is available from the company website.

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