Tuesday, November 20, 2007

RTX Telehealth Monitor

A definite peak at the future. Behold the RTX Telehealth Monitor. The device is aimed at patients suffering from chronic diseases who require monitoring by a health professional.

From the company website:

The RTX3370 Telehealth Monitor is an interactive and simple to use device, designed specifically to improve the way of providing healthcare to patients outside hospitals suffering from chronic diseases such as heart failure, COPD and diabetes.

The RTX3370 Telehealth Monitor engages the patients through personalized daily interactions and questionnaires while collecting vital signs and transmitting the information directly into a database using regular telephone lines.

The RTX3370 Telehealth Monitor is a wireless gateway, which serves as the central device for seamless and secure collection of data from chronically ill patients. The RTX3370 Telehealth Monitor collects data from a range of standard external vital sign monitoring devices such as scales, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, and peak flow meters and transmits the data to a HTTPs server on the Internet.

The device has a large easy-to-read display and large buttons. It is designed for the 60+ target group with simplicity and usability as important targets.

Besides collecting vital sign data, the device has the ability to serve as a communicator between the care provider and the patient. The RTX3370 Telehealth Monitor can be configured to ask symptomatic questions and also for patient reminders.

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