Monday, November 12, 2007

Hands-on Review of Genius BT-03A BlueTooth Headphones

For the last month or so I've been testing and working with the Genius BT-03A Bluetooth headphones. One of the biggest problems with patient entertainment is when someone needs headphones to give themselves that extra bit of isolation to what's going on in the clinical environment. Often, a patient can bring in ear buds, but where to plug them in? Some monitors in an over the patient layout have headphone jacks, so that can be one way to solve the problem, but that means the patient is tethered to the monitor.

To the rescue comes the Genius BT-03A. The kit contains everything you need and is a snap to set up. You charge the headphones and transmitter, plug the transmitter into a headphone jack, pair the devices, and they are ready to go! Since they are Bluetooth, the headphones are wireless with a 10 meter (30 foot range). No more being tethered with a cord!

The sound quality is excellent, and the over the ear style means that patients can still hear you if necessary.

The device comes with everything you need and is highly recommended!


  1. Hi Dr. Flucke,

    We make a complete in-chair patient entertainment system to address this exact problem. We'd love to have you try it out:


    Matt Leader
    MedPED Media

  2. Matt,

    How is your unit disinfected between patients, especially the earpieces which appear to be internal versus external pads?

    Steven Bloom, DDS
    St. Petersburg, FL

  3. The earpieces and the rest of the unit simply wipe down with alcohol or any other disinfectant (we recommend avoiding wipes that contain bleach). There are some disposable foam ear covers available, but honestly we have found that most doctors and patients find that too time consuming and are fine with the alcohol wipes. The removable lightshield can be put in the cold sterilizer as well.