Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sprint Launches 4G LTE in Limited Markets

My hometown carrier and my personal wireless carrier has officially launched their 4G LTE network.


While Sprint has featured a 4G connection for some time now, up until this point it has been on the older (and slower) WiMax and HSPA+  protocols.  Now with 4G LTE, the speeds will be blazing.


4G LTE is capable of about 75mbps upload speeds and 300mbps download speeds.  That's right, blazing fast.  Of course that speed depends on your device and the strength of your connection.  Just like any wireless connection, the weaker the signal, the slower the speed.


Oh, and you are probably wondering where the new bandwidth is being deployed.  So far, Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, Huntsville, San Antonio, Waco, and Granbury in the great state of Texas… Atlanta, Rome, Newnan, Athens, Carrollton, and Calhoun in Georgia… and Kansas City and St. Joseph in Missouri.


Look for more markets to be added soon...

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