Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Leap Technology Wants to Make "Iron Man" Computer Control Real


If you've seen The Avengers or either of the Iron Man movies, you've seen how Tony Stark brings up images on his computer and controls everything by just waving and moving his hands.  It looks incredibly cool on the big screen and many of us are wondering how long it will be before we can get our hands on that type of technology.


The answer is… not that long actually.  As in next year not that long.  A company called Leap Motion is bringing a USB device to the market that will let you control your computer like the CEO of Stark Enterprises for… are you ready for this?… $70.  I know, the price completely blew me away too.


I could sit here and rattle on describing the whole thing, but really the video can do everything I can do with words and do it a lot more effectively.  So take 1 minute and 12 seconds to watch the video.  I think you'll be as amazed by this as I am.


Oh, and they are taking pre-orders right now.  Grab that credit card!!!

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