Friday, February 24, 2012

News from the Chicago MidWinter Meeting: Patterson Dental and RevenueWell Get Serious about Practice Marketing


Patterson Dental comes to this year’s CDS Midwinter meeting with a brand new product and a renewed focus on helping its customers succeed in the Internet age. Its new partner, Chicago-based RevenueWell Systems, developed a breakthrough online service that helps dental offices cut costs, attract new patients and engage existing patients with very little effort from the doctor and staff.

RevenueWell is an online system that uses information from the office’s existing practice management software (e.g. Eaglesoft, Dentrix) to automatically communicate with patients, let them access their accounts online and help practices send out highly targeted, effective marketing campaigns to the patient base.

One of RevenueWell’s main value propositions is its ability to completely automate over 20 types of common patient communications. RevenueWell does this by analyzing each patient’s appointment, procedure and account data and sending them timely emails, postcards, letters, SMS messages and automated voice calls based on the practice’s settings. Some of these communications, like appointment confirmations, birthday cards, welcome packets and post-op instructions, are focused on improving the practice’s operations and delivering better patient care. Others are geared at bringing patients back into the office for recommended treatment and maintenance. This includes:

  • Recall and reactivation communications that use a combination of email, SMS and direct mail messages to ensure that patients stay current with their hygiene appointments
  • Expiring insurance benefits reminders that remind patients to use their insurance benefits before the end of the year
  • Video treatment plan follow-ups, an industry-first feature that automatically follows-up with patients who have had a treatment plan created for them but didn’t yet make an appointment to start treatment

RevenueWell takes a similarly comprehensive and automated approach to solving its customers’ other marketing and patient management challenges. From automatically collecting online patient reviews to asking patients for referrals to establishing and maintaining a practice’s profile across 100+ online destinations, the system makes the best out of today’s online technologies to make practice marketing easy.

“RevenueWell is the first company that we saw in the marketplace that not only gets the technology aspects of online marketing, but was willing to invest into applying these concepts uniquely to the dental field”, said Tim Rogan, Vice President, Marketing. “Most other providers make generic software that works the same way for auto dealerships, hair salons and opticians. At Patterson, we feel that such diversification may be a strategy not to lose, but it’s not a strategy to win and provide real value to our customers. RevenueWell has done their homework, worked very closely with our EagleSoft team, and brought to market a product that finally delivers on the promises of others out there.”

Patterson Dental is the only nationwide distributor of the RevenueWell Suite, and offers professional installation and support for the product through its state-of-the-art Patterson Technology Center.

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