Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dragon is a Winner - Especially if You Hate Typing

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Several years ago, I was using Dragon Naturally Speaking on the PC on my desk in my dental office.  I remember that I had just purchased a screaming fast machine with as much RAM as it could take (sorry but the absolute specs have faded from my memory).  I needed that machine so that it could run Dragon… and even then the machine lagged.  I was using Dragon to dictate my digital chart notes since I can definitely talk faster than I can type.
Back then, Dragon worked pretty well.  Occasionally it would act up, but overall I was pleased.  The worst part was that it took lots of training and it was a huge demand on system resources.  One thing I didn't' think about (and I should have) was backing up my data files.  One day my machine crashed and it took my Dragon files with it.  I had taken a good chunk of my life to train it and I didn't feel like jumping through all those hoops again.  I gave up and went back to typing.
I've pretty much been typing ever since.  However, I've never really enjoy the process of typing.  Even though I'm a fairly fast and accurate typist, I've always found typing to be more of a chore than anything else.
So… about 2 weeks before Christmas I was swayed by the large number of Dragon advertisements that were running on TV and popping up on web pages.  I decided that since computers had advanced so much in the last few years that Dragon probably had too.  I purchased Dragon Dictate for my Mac with the hope that it would make my life easier and more efficient.
My report is extremely positive.  The training now takes minutes instead of hours and accuracy is pretty much spot-on right out of the box.  It came with a microphone so I didn't' need to locate one that would work with the program.  Dragon works in any window that has text input.  That means you can use it with your browser, word processing program, blogging program, you name it.
I've found that I type much less since purchasing Dragon and I'm getting lots more accomplished. In fact, I'm using Dragon to type this blog post and it is probably taking me half the time it normally would. Also, since computer horsepower has evolved so greatly over the years Dragon operates efficiently and is no longer a drag on system resources. It works quickly, efficiently, and everything else that I have open runs easily too.
You can also use the program to control functions on your computer such as clicking dialogue boxes in filling out forms.
Yesterday I finished my latest article for Dental Products Report and I did it almost exclusively with Dragon.  After about 3 weeks, I can say with all certainty that Dragon has made a change in my life for the better and I honestly think that you would benefit from it as well.

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