Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Dental R.A.T. is Available at the AAP Meeting and Readers Here Can Get the Same Discount

Dental R.A.T. Deal.jpg
In 2006, while wandering the exhibits at the ADA meeting, I came across the Dental R.A.T.  This is a device that was invented by a hygienist who was looking for a better way to do perio charting on a computer.  She had found the keyboard to be frustrating and slow so she began to try and think of an alternative input system.
What she devised was a computer mouse that is controlled by your foot.  Hence the large mouse (or a Rat) was born.  The R.A.T. ( for Remote Access Terminal) is a cordless and battery operated mouse that is placed on the floor of the operatory.  From there, the user can put their foot on teh device and fully control the computer in a manner that is completely hands-free.
It is set up to allow for complete computer control as well as perio charting.  This is accomplished by having buttons on the device that correspond to the numbers recorded during perio probing.
This year, my colleagues and I on the Pride Technology Panel awarded the Dental R.A.T. a Pride Institute Best of Class Award.  If you are looking for an easy way for our hygiene department to accomplish their tasks, give this product a look.
As a deal to you loyal readers, the company is offering their "show special" from the AAP to you. Just order and tell them you heard about the deal here on the blog. Hey, there ought to be some perks for reading!!!

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