Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Garrison Dental Solutions Announces PerForm™ Proximal Contact Instrument

Clear Former4 edit2.jpg
Today I opened a package from Garrison Dental Solutions to find a really nifty "better mousetrap" type device.  I love these types of devices!  They are the kind where you sort of slap yourself in the forehead and say, "Of course!  That's exactly what I've been missing.  Why didn't *I* think of that?"
The PerForm™ is just such an idea. It is a double ended instrument made of clear plastic.  The ends are small tapered points.  What they allow the operator to do is to place them against the matrix in a proximal box and then use the leverage they create to form exactly the type of contact you want for that particular restoration.
They are clear, so curing can be done while they are in place.  You can even put them into composite in the proximal box area.
The ends are designed so that one fits well in the mesial and the other fits into the distal.  It also comes in 2 sizes with the small being 1.1mm at the tip and the large being 2.0mm at the tip.
They can be used with any type of matrix system so whether you are using Tofflemire, sectional, or even something like the Caulk Automatrix or the Ultradent Omni-Matrix & Omni-Matrix sectional, a great contact can be created.
The set of 2 is now available for $79 and if you buy 2 sets, you can get a third at 1/2 price!


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