Thursday, July 28, 2011

Technology for Medicine Now Exclusive Distributor of Fotona Lightwalker Lasers

In an interesting turn of events, Lares Research is no longer in the laser business.  After over 10 years of sellling lasers, Lares has decided to bow out.

I was expecting a press release which has yet to arrive, but i have the following info coroborated by 2 sources:

The Fotona line of lasers will now be exclusively distributed in the United States by Technology 4 Medicine in San Clemente, CA.

Lares will be involved as the importer, but will no longer be involved in sales or service.  Current Lares laser employees, including the sales staff, has been transitioned over to Tech 4 Med.

The Fotona Lightwalker lasers will be shown in the Tech 4 Med booth at the AGD meeting this weekend.

For the latest updates, check the website.


Here is some info about Technology 4 Medicine from the site:

Technology4Medicine continues to advance dentistry with the ever progressing capabilities of lasers and new photon technologies.  The applications for photons in medicine and health care can, and must be applied to improve the quality of life.  Lower cost, the reduced use of drugs, minimally invasive, non-invasive treatments, reduced or eliminated pain, and faster recovery, are all benefits that photon technology have brought to health care.  Photon technologies have just begun to realize their true potential in dentistry.  The avialable laser wavelengths, laser mediums, and characteristics contine to grow.  This is great news for both the providers and the patients.


Technology4Medicine brings many years of experience and leadershihp in the medical laser market.


Principal and founder of Technology 4 Medicine, Jeffrey Jones, is the former CEO of Biolase Technology, INC. (BLTI), former CEO of HGM Medical Lasers, and founder of The World Clinical Laser Institute (WCLI).  With extensive industry experience in dentistry, ophthalmology, aesthetics, dermatology, ENT, general surgery, and other medical fields, T4Med can help dentists and other medical practitioners achieve their personal, clinical and financial goals.

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