Monday, May 16, 2011

SugarSync - Cloud Backups & Synchronization

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It's been a while since I've sung the praises of SugarSync, but I was feeling the need to do a post on them when on Friday, my buddy Ken Serota made this post. That got me to thinking that maybe, just maybe I should reinforce his comments with some of my own.
I've been a SugarSync customer for at least 3 years now and I'm continually amazed at what it can do.  It's not just a cloud backup solution... although it is that.  It's also a cloud way to keep all your important files updated dynamically.  Let me explain.
Once you have signed up for the service, you install the SugarSync software on every computer you'd like to use with the service.  Then you setup what files or folders you'd like to include.  Once that's done, those files and folders are synchronized.  That means that if you change a Word document on your computer at the office, the moment you hit "Save" that document will automatically be changed and updated on your home computer (as long as SugarSync is installed, running, and you have an Internet connection on both machines).  You don't have to do a thing!
Forget to bring a document from home?  No worries as it will be waiting for you on your office machine.
I even have SugarSync installed on my Android phone.  One of the neat features is that every photo I take is automatically sent out to the cloud and backed up on SugarSync.  How cool is that?
You can even access your account & your stuff over the web from any computer with a browser.  Get to a meeting and forget a contract?  Just log onto your account from your client's office and access your data right there!
SugarSync does tons of other things too.  I currently have a 100GB plan and just can't say enough good things about it.  Check it out!

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