Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Motorola Xoom has Arrived... The Comparisons Will Now Begin!

I ordered the Motorola Xoom tablet from Amazon a couple of weeks ago. Atnthat point they were expecting delivery to be sometime this week. One thing I love about Amazon (actually there are a lot of things I love about Amazon) is that they tend to get things in earlier than expected. So... I was thrilled to get an email on Saturday saying my Xoom had shipped and would arrive on Monday.

I came home from the office tonight to find it waiting for me. Here are my first impressions:

The screen is amazing. Great brightness, great contrast.

On/off button is on the back which takes some getting used to. After a year with the iPad I'm used to where the controls are so maybe this is just a "getting used to" thing.

Stereo speakers & volume are terrific

Android Honeycomb is a blast. Since I use Google for my calendar & contacts, all I had to do was Enter my user name & password and within seconds, all of my info was on the device. It happened so fast it seemed like it was preloaded.

The OS is pretty straight forward & since I use Android on my Samsung Epic 4G, I'm very used to working with it.

Overall, after a very brief time with it, I'm impressed. I'll provide more info in a day or 2 after I've had a chance to seriously put it thru its paces.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get Lexi Mobile installed on it & see how it responds handling all of the data in that amazing app.

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