Monday, August 9, 2010

Editorial Meeting Today

As you know, my second job (the one that doesn't involve direct patient contact), is Technology Editor of Dental Products Report magazine. This is the job that allows me to write, lecture, tinker, break stuff, and on occasion become one of the "Mythbuster's" of dentistry. I love my job with DPR and all that comes with it.

Today I'll be having some meetings with my Editor in Chief, Thais Carter. She's flying in from the home office in Chicago to spend most of the day in my office. We'll be discussing upcoming projects and other cool stuff. Some of it you may get to see here on the blog before you see it anywhere else.

Once our meeting is over tomorrow, I'll try and get back to you with some of the things I'll be doing in the next year. I'm sure some of it will be confidential, but the things I can let you know now... I'll let you know!

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