Monday, May 24, 2010

Pandora Handheld Comes to Market... but Why?

Here's a photo of the open source Pandora handheld. Supposedly you'll be able to purchase one of these soon. My question is... Why?

I mean I love Pandora. I listen at the office, at home, and other places. That should be an indication. Pandora is pretty much everywhere already isn't it? I have a Pandora app on my iPod touch. There's even a Pandora app for my Palm Pre for crying out loud.

The point is, when you can already get Pandora on almost any mobile platform available, do you really need a Pandora specific device? While I applaud the innovation (I'm a gadget guy after all), this just looks to me like a solution looking desperately for a problem.

I'd love to have one to tinker with, but I won't be in line to purchase.

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