Saturday, January 10, 2009

ReBit Backup - A Time Machine for Windows?

As a Mac user (but not a Mac snob) I love the simplicity of the Mac backup program called "Time Machine". Basically it works like this:
1. Add a portable hard drive
2. Designate it as the drive for Time Machine
3. Everything gets backed up and organized with little or no intervention on from the user.

Now from CES (Consumer Electronic Show) comes ReBit for Windows. The device is rumored to be a very similar system for the user of Windows based PC's.

Here's how the company describes it:

When your hard drive crashes, you lose a lot more than data. Rebit protects everything with complete computer backup. In one instant, your important documents and information, including entertainment files, photos, video, mp3s and financial programs can be lost. But you also lose your operating system, applications, software, settings, bookmarks, drivers and configuration settings. The Rebit hard drive backup system automatically works to save your entire computer environment when you plug it in. Transparently, and continuously.

The Rebit back up hard drive is always working so yourbackup files are always up-to-date. Any recent changes you've made, programs you've installed, or documents you've saved are reflected in the current back up hard drive. You never need think about what type of data you want to protect, Rebitis always the perfect defense. Ranging from 80 GB to 500 GB, you can be sure Rebit will backup all of your data, and Rebit PC backup makes room for the most recent documents so the drive is always current and never fills up.

Rebit PC backup is an external hard drive that can be used to backup a desktop or a laptop PC. It simply sits next to your computer, plugged into a USB port and automatically backing up your data and your entire PC continually, and without any effort.

In my opinion, this looks to be a nice way to keep yourself free from worry. However, i've had no personal experience with the device. More info from the company website.

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