Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Boyd Industries Console Gaming Platforms

Boyd Industries, Inc is a company that makes products for Orthodontics, Oral Surgery, and Pediatric Dentistry. These products include (but are not limited to) patient chairs, lighting, delivery units, cabinets, doctor/assistant seating, etc.

However, the bright minds at Boyd have now come up with a pretty nifty idea for patient entertainment. I first saw this at the California Dental Association meeting in San Francisco this last September and was blown away at the concept. Now I'm happy and excited to give you a hands-on review.

The photo above shows the Boyd Console Gaming Platform. This system is designed to provide a video game entertainment in the reception area without the worry of the system being broken, parts being lost or damaged, and eliminates the spaghetti of cords that accompanies any game system. Basically what the people at Boyd have done is to create an arcade type cabinet that can stand up to the wear and tear of use by lots of kids while providing the games that they know, love, and may very well have at home. The cabinet is designed to hold today's most popular gaming systems. The choices are PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, XBOX 360, and Wii. The system shown above (being used in the game room of my home) is running the Sony PlayStation 3 and playing the game Star Wars Legos.

In the upper portion of the console, you can see two key locks. Unlocking these allows the front to fold out on a hinge revealing the game system so that you can change the game disk.

The monitor is a high resolution Samsung that features excellent viewing, vivid color, and great sound. The cabinet comes with a surge suppressor power strip, a fan to cool the interior, and all the necessary connectors to make everything work. The front of the cabinet is wood grain and the rest is a very sturdy metal.

The controller wires are run through flexible corrugated plastic pipe and are securely attached to the pipe by a metal mounting system. This allows the kids to be able to move the controllers without pulling or putting undue stress on the cords. The controllers remain easy to use and can easily be used by 2 players for simultaneous play in games that allow that.

Over the years I’ve given serious consideration to putting in a game system several times but the idea of it being destroyed by over zealous players always made the decision a difficult one. With this Boyd system, I feel that any worries about the safety of the system have been properly put to rest.

The system in these photos has been put through its paces recently by the Flucke family and I have gotten nothing but rave reviews about it. I’m confident it will be just as big a hit in your office.

For the company website, click here. The system is available from dental dealers. In the Midwest, you can contact my preferred dealer Goetze Dental at 800.692.0804.

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