Friday, October 3, 2008

A rechargeable battery that gets 90% of its charge in 10 minutes?

Wow, this seems to good to be true (and maybe it is, at this point who knows?), but Toshiba is announcing a "Super" battery that can do just that. The company claims that a 10 minute charge can give the batteries a 90% of their power.

The battteries, called "Super Charge Ion Batteries" of SCiB have been shown in Chiba, Japan. The batteries should last between 5000-6000 charges which is way more than the current crop of rechargeables which last only about 300-500 charges.

There is no indication when these batteries will hit the market, but if all of this is true, we should be beating a path to the door of the stores that sell them. Fast charging and longer lasting, these things are doublely green and have plenty of juice to boot. Geeks rejoice!

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